What’s Going On With Education, Today?

A casual attempt to “catch up” on education reform (trends, state of the art, and status quo) results in a meandering exploration through ideals, and ends with an idea for how to get to the facts.

On the False Myth of “Industrial Era” Education

Fundamentally, it makes no sense to talk about either “the industrial era” or the development of public school systems as a single, coherent phase of national history. History is not a storehouse of mythic images from which you can or should draw caricatures to make your point.

Well, people often treat it as such, and I expect politicians to use it in that way, but not well-informed fellow faculty.

Tony Wagner on Educating to Produce Innovators

Einstein says how you frame the problem is often more important than the solution.

Tony Wagner says, “the world no longer cares what you know, but what you can do with what you know — and that is a completely different problem.”

Finnish Education: Topics, Play, Student Rearing, National Pride

The Finns are teaching topics/phenomena. No more of an hour of history followed by an hour of chemistry.

The idea aims to eliminate one of the biggest gripes of students everywhere: “What is the point of learning this?”

Susan Engel on Measuring Learning

What would happen if we changed the implicit goal of education to make happiness, rather than money, the graduation prize?