No Ego, Just Self Confidence

Saved this in my inbox for the last 5 years, looking at it once or twice a year trying to understand more from it:

Instead, Miller combines a casual openness with almost supreme self-confidence. Says Textron Senior Vice President John B. Henderson: “It does not occur to him that there is anything he cannot do.”

The discipline, he says, “was awfully healthy,” and he began “to understand the techniques of making an organization work.” 

His confidence now in full flower, Miller suggested a deal: make me a vice president in one year, or fire me. Recalls Little: “That proposal delighted me.” 

he demanded plans from divisions that had been going their own merry way. Says Senior Vice President Henderson: “If Miller thought a plan was sloppy, nothing would make him go ahead—rising costs, deadlines, nothing. Bill would say, ‘Back!’ 

fully developed his blend of intensity and concern for people. 

Kruse, who often golfed with Miller for $1 a hole, was mildly annoyed by his insistence on playing out a hole that he had no chance of winning—and impressed by Miller’s refusal to talk later about the game. Miller, says Kruse, takes defeat hard, but when he is angry he merely becomes very quiet.
(From Time)

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