Susan Engel on Measuring Learning

Most tests used to evaluate students, teachers, and school districts predict almost nothing except the likelihood of achieving similar scores on subsequent tests.

I have found virtually no research demonstrating a relationship between those tests and measures of thinking or life outcomes.

The answer is not to abandon testing, but to measure the things we most value, and find good ways to do that.

Emphasis, mine. Originally by Susan Engel of the Boston Globe.

  • Representative samples rather than on testing every child every year.

Susan Engel is a developmental psychologist in the department of psychology at Williams College, where she is also the founder and director of the Williams Program in Teaching. Copyright © 2015 by Susan Engel. This excerpt originally appeared in “End of the Rainbow: How Educating for Happiness (Not Money) Would Transform Our Schools,” published by The New Press.

What would happen if we changed the implicit goal of education and imagines how different things would be if we made happiness, rather than money, the graduation prize.

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