AltSchool: Classroom as laboratory

We’re also operating in a wonderful space in terms of how transparent people are willing to be. I can go into any ed tech company and say, “What’s working? What’s not?”

It’s a very different atmosphere in terms of openness and collaboration than anything I’ve experienced before. ~ StrictlyVC

Everyone in the space just wants things to get better — no ego.

I’ve heard criticism of AltSchool: “They’re not fundamentally changing enough of the assumed school system. They’re not a tech company, they’re a private school company with a technique,. They’re the new Montessori.” (Not that new Montessori is a criticism, just that they may not be the full-scale “education revolution” I want them to be.

We’re a constant work in progress. But we think that as we scale, we’ll accelerate our rate of improvement.

  • Moving toward licensing model. It’s hard to imagine that you wouldn’t have an order of magnitude more impact [through licensing aspects of the business]. That said, I think it’s extraordinarily important to have an expanding number of schools; it’s how we iterate and refine what we’re doing and how we’ll stay closest to the school experience.

Network of schools partially so students can move between locations. Why?

Because how long people tend to live in one place is plummeting. Our kids will likely live in 20 different places when they’re grown.

  • Small schoolhouses are more efficient (real-estate and use-of-space, wise)

We’re a B Corp and the whole idea is that you can have a great business and operate as a good corporate citizen, and I think that idea is very in line with nascent capital avenues and new exchanges. Some of what’s happening is in stealth, but there’s lots of it going on.

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