Growth Engineering @ Logo was launched by last year, when it was the focus of the demand side of our business. As isocket changed its sales pitch to focus on white glove service, BuyAds, a long tail business, spent the next two quarters in decline.

I’ve recently been given the reins to, with the directive to turn around that part of isocket’s business.

So far I’ve gotten a team together, modeled our understanding of what might drive growth in the product (it’s a marketplace product, so there’s a lot to consider), planned experiments meant to improve specific areas of that model and all of us have gotten our hands dirty executing those plans. The rest of my time, I’m measuring what we execute on, and sharing quantified positive impact with the rest of the company. We iterate on, or jump from plans that aren’t winning, and double down on what does.

It’s a brave new world, and I’m having a blast meeting my new peers, sharing stories of successes, fails and the culture shock of being on, or starting, a growth team inside an existing company with traction.

Jordan is a freelance engineer with full-stack chops, and an eye for analytics and growth.